en you die, this era will completely lose hope! This truth is alive. I know it for a long time, so when I entered the gate, the Lord of Chaos just said to kill you, to guard you, not to guard me! Because this belongs to your world, not mine. !”

“At the moment you died, Saint Wan Tian they chose to follow. I am still alive, I am by my side, and I am nearby. Why don’t they follow me?” He looked at Su Yu: “Even if Wan Tian Saints, they understand

vie, Chuck had no knives at the beginning, all thanks to the pair of skates. These two skates are also very important to Jiang Hao. , Can be transformed into the most practical tool.

Such as a machete, such as an axe. Later, Jiang Hao took out a magic suit, which contained a book on teaching magic, and a set of magic props, including playing cards, coins, silk scarves, rubber bands, and so on. You can