expose my identity as a transcendent person. After a big deal, I would come with the big troops in the barrier. It would be safer,” Xu Xianchu replied.

Ren Xiaosu understood that Xu Xianchu really had the idea of ??giving up before.
At this point, Xu Xianchu paused: “However, it is impossible for me to return 南京夜生活论坛 to the barrier now. You have seen the attitude of the barrier to the transcendents. When I go back, I am also atrocious, so I will explore the depths of the Jingshan Mountains. If you want to go to the 112th barrier, we will part ways, and I will not stop you.” The
depths of the mountain and the 112th barrier are two directions, one is to go northeast and the other is northwest. Now everyone is faced with two choices. One is to let Xu Xianchu leave the team, and the other is to follow Xu Xianchu.
No one in the camp spoke, it seemed that they were waiting for others to decide first.
“I’ll go with you,” Yang Xiaojin said calmly: “It’s too dangerous here. The best way to get out alive is to stay with you, an extraordinary person.”
Ren Xiaosu recalled. This seemed to be the time Yang Xiaojin spoke the most. Right.
But he felt that Yang Xiaojin didn’t tell the truth, because Yang Xiaojin’s original goal should be the depths of the mountain!
By this time, Ren Xiaosu increasingly suspected that Yang Xiaojin was 南京炮网 also an extraordinary person.
Thank you for being a big bear in the park, a little sweetheart from the rest of the world, meeting your spirits for the king to drink 66 and becoming the new leader of the book
59, the pig hit the tree
Yang Xiaojin’s decision to enter the mountain with Xu Xianchu was unexpected to everyone, and everyone did not expect that the first voice was a girl.
However, what Yang Xiaojin said is also very reasonable. There are dangers here, and there is always an extraordinary person around it that makes people feel relieved.
Without the protection of transcendents, even if they do not enter the depths of the mountain, they may not be able to sa