d brothers could talk a few words. If it weren’t for them, the sky would have really gone away.

Su Yu smiled and said: “It’s okay, of course, it may be a little bit delayed! I will find some candidates in the Human Race and Iron Clan to help you get free!” After
that, Su Yu said again: “Wait for us to win. If the necromancy realm is controlled, the necromancy will no longer rush out of the passage. In fact, no one will suppress it 南京水磨会所 in a short time, it will be fine! As long as the necromancy does not come out, there will be no punishment!”
Tian Mie looked solemnly at Su Yu, Yun Xiao is also a little strange.
What is Su Yu talking about?
Take down the Necromancy Realm?
Just kidding!
Su Yu didn’t say much, and quickly said: “Let’s go, call Master
Xinghong , this time there are only four of us!” The group of people quickly entered the ancient city of Xinghong.
Xinghong Ancient City.
After hearing Su Yu’s plan, Xinghong took a deep breath, “Are you crazy! Are you going to deal with the Eastern Heavenly King?”
Tianmi and Yunxiao were also shocked, and they still wanted to deal with the Eastern Heavenly King!
Originally thought, dealing with a dead soul is the end.
As a result, Su Yu was more ambitious!
Su Yu smiled and said, “What are you afraid of? Starve 南京龙凤网 the courageous to death! A few adults, it succeeded. Everyone drank spicy food deliciously. If it failed, we ended up together! It’s not the first time that the three adults and I have dealt with each other. , This time I only 南京品茶网 called a few adults, so I dare not? A few of us are also familiar with others, I don’t say that too!”
Tian Mie was agitated: “Of course I dare to do it, the key is It’s just that
I can’t do it !” Tian Mie said, and said in a deep voice: “It really can’t be done, that can only be unblocked! Unblocking and unblocking is nothing, even if it is unblocked, I can hold on for a while, this stone Pi, I’m already a little bit upset! But against 9 necromancers, a powerful heavenly king Su Yu, we are more li