unched out, boom!

This may be the first head-on collision, and Su Yu’s broad knife was disconnected, but a poisonous gas was released instantly.
Chi Chi!
The sound of corrosion sounded, and the dragon was slightly dizzy. On his fist, a stream of black blood emerged in a blink of an eye. He shook his hand and the black blood dripped, corroding the power of chaos!
“Poison?” The
dragon also condensed his eyebrows: “There are so many methods, how many more can you do?”
“I will do too much!”
Su Yu sneered, and in the blink of an eye, a healing power emerged. The injury on his body was in the blink of an eye. All restored.
After another while, dozens of more barriers appeared outside the body, all of which were defensive powers.
Immediately afterwards, phantom shadows appeared in the void, killing towards the dragon, like a god, like a demon, the method of summoning!
Qi into a puppet!” With a low shout, countless Chaos Qi turned into a human figure and slew towards the dragon.
At this moment, Su Yu also came 南京桑拿会所 out with all means.
“Throw beans into a soldier!” With
a wave of his hand, countless puppets emerged. As a result, the puppets over there were all crushed by the dragon.
“It’s a waste of the power of the rules. What can these puppets stop me for a while?”
“Accumulate less and more, kill you!”
Su Yu yelled coldly, and countless puppets appeared again. This time, they blew themselves up, bursting into four directions. It trembled, but when the self-exploding sound dissipated, the dragon walked out again, only a little messy, with some small wounds on his body, however, it quickly recovered.
Su Yu is also powerless!
Uncle, this can’t hurt the opponent, this can’t fight!
Everyone was dazzled, and they were all frightened. Tian Mie couldn’t help but said, “Your Majesty, hit him with a big stick!”
At this moment, Su Yu 南京龙凤网 turned into a big stick, and a stick struck it down!
The dragon punched out, the big stick smashed, and Su Yu flew