uld kill, and even if they couldn’t kill, there was no need to target Su Yu too much.

But Tiangu has spoken, the immortal clan will definitely try to kill Su Yu next.
Not surprisingly, these guys may use some extreme methods, including kidnapping Su Yu’s father, because at this moment, it is no longer in the state 南京夜生活论坛 of stocking, but in the state of killing.
Su Yu knew in his heart and didn’t say much, and quickly said: “If the prefect is going back 南京龙凤网 to the human state this time, help me take care of my father, the fairy clan and the god clan really want to deal with me, the first method is to lead me out! Except for me! Father, Liu Cheng also ”
Niu Baidao nodded,” Don’t worry! Xia Longwu is still sitting in the Daxia Mansion, and King Da Qin ordered it before. Don’t think about anything messy, don’t worry. Although King Da Qin rarely gets angry, if he gets angry, who will If you dare to disobey his meaning, you have to go around
without eating !”
“That’s good!” The two were talking, and Zhao Tianbing interrupted: “President Niu, don’t talk about this for now, the formation and the magic rune. Have you brought them all? If you bring them, try to perfect the book.”
Niu Baidao smiled: “Bring it, the formation was made by King Daming himself, which costs a lot of money! As for the magic runes, I prepared 100. enough? ”
Su Yu shook 南京桑拿论坛 his head,” is not enough! least 300! but this is not urgent, the government again to help me make some long, late me to fill on the line, this also beat me! ”
a big fuss embedding, embedding runes in fact, It’s pretty simple.
Before, the interface was also left.
At this moment, several people are a little impatient, want to see, all embedded, the prototype of the 145th gold pattern, can it be presented.
Niu Baidao didn’t say more, and quickly took out the big formation and the runes.
The formation is a heavenly formation.
Niu Baidao introduced: “This formation is called the Yuanshen Gathering Array! The main function is to absorb vitality and scattere