ng’s side, the highest is Chen Ge’s Horror House, and the second highest is only about six points.

“It has nothing to do with me when you are against Ye Jing, but if you brush my bad review, then I will be fair to myself, otherwise I am sorry for my dedicated employees.” Chen Ge glanced at the woman’s id , By the way, noted her appearance.
There are a lot of screenshots. In addition to this woman, there are others who are showing rhythm on post bars and forums. They seem to be deliberately bringing the rhythm to the New Century Paradise, which seems to be a plot.
“It is better to discuss this matter with Director Luo. After all, the house of horror is now the sign of the park, and the evaluation of the haunted house is lowered, and even the impression of the park will become worse.”
Sitting at the door, watching the tourists nervously enter the scene, Then he was so scared that he screamed and walked out 南京炮网 with weak legs, which gave Chen Ge a sense of accomplishment.
Just now, Chen Ge was yelling outside for a long time . The three-star live coffin village is open for a limited time. However, many tourists are already old, and they usually comment before entering the haunted house.
In the hearts of most people, the scene of screaming at three stars is already a living restricted area.
Until noon, when Chen Ge was already asleep sitting at the door, he was suddenly awakened by Uncle Xu.
“What’s wrong? Uncle?”
Uncle Xu coughed twice and made a gesture: “These tourists are going to challenge the new scene you mentioned.”
“The environment is average, barely four points; employees slack and sleep during work, two points.” Standing at the door of the haunted house were five tourists, three men and two women, one of whom was constantly typing 南京水磨会所 with a mobile phone.
After seeing the woman’s face, Chen Ge was taken aback for a moment, and then habitually smiled: “Welcome, no one has tried the new scene yet. You are really lucky.”
” It’s too late to change your attitude, 南京桑拿论坛 I What I want to see