revenge, can you stop?” Luo Xinyu said: “You have to believe that justice is sometimes late, but never absent.”

Li Shentan seemed to hear something funny. “The original words of this famous saying are not like that. The original words are: late justice is no longer justice.”
Luo Xinyu suddenly asked, “What do you think is the essence of transcendence?”
“The purpose of your thugs is not very specific. Okay,” 南京419论坛 Li Shentan smiled: “When disaster strikes, spiritual will is the first-order weapon for human beings to face danger. But my understanding of spiritual will is the development of the brain.”
Luo Xinyu 南京桑拿会所 calmly said: ” But brain development was falsified before the catastrophe.”
“Things that have not been rigorously demonstrated can only be rumors. Human beings have not discovered which part of the brain corresponds to emotions, and how dare to say that they are right? The brain fully understands?” Li Shentan said seriously: “But I am not sure whether the transcendent has opened a new area in the brain or completed the so-called increase in the percentage of development. For the time being, it is better to use the term “spiritual will” for comparison. Better.”
“According to you,” Luo Xinyu said: “The stronger the transcendent’s ability, it means that he is closer to self-destruction.”
“Theoretically, this is the case,” Li Shentan said: “At the moment when 100% brain development is completed, human beings will most likely incarnate the will 南京炮网 of the gods, and their bodies will collapse because they cannot become the carrier of this huge will. It might start to happen when the development reaches more than 70%.”
However, Li Shentan suddenly thought of the figure of a young man. He seemed a little puzzled: “But it seems that there are exceptions, so we are now discussing the problem. It has no practical significance. We can only know the answer when humans have really evolved to that point.”
After speaking, Li Shentan no longer paid attention to Luo Xinyu, but continued to lead Si Lir