rned off the camera.

Matthew looked at Jiang Hao again and said, “Jon, what about the video you promised before?”
These things are the key. There are pictures and the truth. If the TV station gets these video materials, it can make one or several news programs. , Will definitely 南京炮网 attract countless attention.
Jiang Hao stretched his hand into the blanket, touched it twice, 南京龙凤论坛 took out the phone from the space, took out his hand and handed it to Matthew: “This is my phone. The last few videos are all shot on the plane. Take a look. Right.”
Matthew quickly picked up the phone and started to play the video, and the photographer came over to watch it curiously.
The video was played a little bit, from the beginning of silence to the situation, the engine caught fire, everyone in the airport panicked and screamed, the engine went out, the flight attendant calmed down, the captain spoke, and then the second engine fire and explosion, and the passengers screamed desperately. Pray to god.
The video ends here.
Matthew looked at Jiang Hao, “What’s the content of the crash and plunged into the lake?”
Jiang Hao gave Matthew a blank look, “Matthew, do you think this is a catastrophic blockbuster? There must be a scene of the moment the disaster happened. It’s the most exciting.
Do you think I could still record video in that situation? If it weren’t for my mobile phone in my pocket, the mobile phone would not know where it was flying when the plane hit the water.”
Matthew immediately realized When he was too greedy, how could it be possible to record the video at the moment of the crash, but even with this, he was already very satisfied. These video materials were very precious, and he suddenly felt that the 180,000 flowers were very valuable.
Transferring the video data from Jiang Hao’s phone to the laptop he brought, opened them and read them one by one. After confirming that there were no errors, Matthew immediately took the photographer to leave, and he had to go back to make the show, and the