Today, these people like Tiangu have some feelings.
If not, it is 90% possible that Su Yu will really attack the three realms!
The Second Realm of Gods and Demons did not say much. Soon, there was a bloody Senator’s order floating over the realm, 6 yuan for the God Realm and 5 yuan for the Demon Realm. The Three Realms provided Su Yu with a total of 18 yuan.
Before that, Su Yu himself had 38 yuan.
At this moment, Su Yu was in full control of 56 parliamentary orders.
Su Yu 南京桑拿会所 did not give up. Soon, he took someone into the sky and flew over the Taikoo Giants, with a cold voice: “Hand over the Councillor’s Order!”
Below, the Taikoo Giant King’s voice came: “Last time, I will help the Terran race once.”

Stop talking nonsense, you are helping a hundred battles, not me!” Su Yu coldly said: “Moreover, I also paid back the favor! Otherwise, do you think your clan can be so comfortable? Don’t force me to break your realm. Your pants are all exploded! You know what is going on in your own area!”
Below, there was silence for a while, and a legislator’s order flew out.
Su Yu’s face became cold, “4 yuan, round up, exactly 60! Can’t get 4 yuan, I will break your world now, no matter how confident you are, you have not come back for a hundred battles, and your grandson dare not move! Speed! Point, wait a little 南京品茶网 longer, don’t blame me, you’re welcome!” In the
realm, the expression of the King of the Primordial Giant changed again and again.
With some sullenness, he said in a low voice: “I don’t understand the meaning of Yuhuang”
“Kill!” With
a violent shout , Su Yu punched out, and the little white dog stomped his boot!
The old Wuguihong Mongolian City is directly suppressed!
At this moment, 4 members’ orders floated out!
Su Yu snorted, and then stopped, “Anything! You don’t know you! Tell Bai Zhan, what he owes me, Yunshui and others, all owe me! I will wait and see if he owes me back!”
Su Yu sneered, “Also, everything I left behind is mine. Only if I give it to him can he ta