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After spending a long time on the first floor of the dormitory building without any gain, Chen Ge carried the tool hammer and came to the second floor.
“The girls’ dormitory looks the same as the boys’ dormitory?”
There were textbooks and garbage in the room. When the school was closed, many things in the dormitory building were not cleaned up.
Chen Ge flashed a flashlight and checked patiently. When he passed the fourth bedroom on the second floor, he suddenly found that there were four chairs side by side in the middle of the bedroom, and there were also a few sheets of white paper and a ballpoint pen on the chairs.
“Paper and pen are very new, they don’t fit in with the other things in the bedroom, 南京桑拿会所 they should have been put in later.”
This is the second time Chen Ge has seen brand-new pen and paper, and he always feels that these two things have problems.
The rusty lock was just a decoration, Chen Ge smashed it hard, and the bedroom door opened.
A musty smell came over his face, he covered his nose and mouth, walked to the front of the chair, and looked at the flat white paper.
There are four blank sheets in total. The first blank sheet says “When will I die?” The
second blank sheet says “How will I die?” The
third blank sheet says ” Who will die next?” The
fourth blank sheet was blank, with nothing.
“Pen fairy game?”
Chen Ge rummaged in the house to see if he could find any leftover information. Unfortunately, the time interval was too long, and many things were already incomplete.
The search was not fruitful, and 南京桑拿论坛 Chen Ge turned his gaze on the blank paper in the middle of the room: “Penxian should scare myself. Trying it shouldn’t make a big difference.”
Because of breathing, heartbeat, blood flow, etc. , The human body is shaking gently anytime and anywhere. People without professional training will definitely move unconsciously when they keep their arms in the same posture for a long time. This is an instinctive reaction of the bo