as still scolding, it was too wasteful.

Why is such a waste that
more and more human races are participating in the war, but the peak battle The force is still too little.
The true peaks have all gone to the battlefields of the heavens.
At this moment, a white light covered the entire Nanyuan, covering dozens of miles outside the Nanyuan.
A figure walked out slowly.
“It’s all here, then don’t
leave .” One person walked out of the darkness and easily killed a strong sun and moon. He looked around, looked at Xiahouye, looked at Niu Baidao, looked at Hong Tan and the others. He sighed: “It’s late, there are some rubbish outside, I will take care of it.” In the
“primitive” and
“Southern Wujiang”
void, those Quasi-Invincibles are extremely vigilant, another Quasi-Invincible, the original leader,
no, maybe it should be called. Nan
Wujiang, the original leader 南京炮网 with an illusory face, said with a chuckle: “Are you waiting for them?”
As he said, three spheres appeared in his hand, and he sighed: “I can’t wait.”
He crushed these spheres, and in an instant, three rounds of incomparably powerful waning moon crashed in the void.
The 南京品茶网 Quartet
Shocked. Xiahouye was also beaten to vomit blood, but he couldn’t help but screamed frantically: “Fuck, what are you three quasi-invincible?” The
original leader smiled, even if he couldn’t see his face, he could feel it. He is laughing.
said the original leader, coughing lightly, but some blood dripped from the corner of his mouth, and smiled: “Isn’t that amazing, three quasi-invincibles, you have killed for a long time than I have
coughed and killed as much.” He coughed soon, at the moment, that inferno quasi-invincible Puhou said: “Sin family, the fifth race, the Pacific giant family, you look at the play.”
“he was injured,”
the people scared
good strong quasi-invincible, fight the three quasi-invincible, original leader
, however, the other was injured
very heavy
we saw it.
The original leader smiled, 南京桑拿论坛 “Ev