Chen Ge remembered the pillow ghost he said in his heart, and he might be able to use it in the haunted house in the future.

“The pillow ghost will not leave the pillow too far, as long as we don’t enter. Those old houses shouldn’t be encountered. The more dangerous for us are cloth ghosts and human headlights. “Uncle Bai speaks very carefully. He is very 南京桑拿会所 worried that what he said will actually appear after a while.
“A cloth ghost is more difficult to deal with than a pillow ghost. This is the shroud that is often said in the countryside. During the burial, the body is wrapped around the body. There are strict requirements on the cloth and clothes worn by the body. If the cloth used by the corpse is littered everywhere, cloth ghosts may form. ”
It will walk on the street at the heaviest time of the day. It looks like a person, but there is nothing inside, only a layer of cloth on the outside.” ”
“It’s more troublesome when you encounter cloth ghosts. It will wrap the living person’s body, let the living person wear the clothes of the dead, and then slowly control the living person.”
“If you usually see that some people’s clothes are very new, but Exuding a strange smell, hurry up and stay away from him, because he may have been put on by the cloth ghost, wearing the clothes of the dead.” After the
uncle Bai said, he looked around and the ritual activities were still going on, and he 南京品茶网 was on the street. It was empty, only the two palanquins hesitated, they were afraid to be scared to death with the intention of coming over! ”
That said, Chen Ge was still a little excited. The
Living Coffin Village is different from all the popular haunted house themes on the market. This style is unique and belongs to Chen Ge’s own unique scene.
More importantly, this scene has a high screaming index. Samsung, enough for tourists to explore for a long time.
Chen Ge opened the way in front. He watched the complicated route on the cloth. He didn’t go far, and a bright light appeared in front of him.