second lockdown!

She is not really Xiaobai, she still knows that the ancient city is closed. There are two situations, one is the active closure of the city, the other is passive.
Passive, that means the sun and the moon have appeared.
Those who took the initiative, naturally those in the City Lord’s Mansion had closed the city.
After closing the city for the second
time, in a vague way, she already understood something.
And Su Yu did not ask Ye Hongyan to stay in the city to help kill the spirit.
In fact, she is more suitable than Liu Wenyan.
More powerful!
However, it is very dangerous to stay in the city to kill the spirit. There is no absolute trust. If you ask for a sun and the moon to kill the spirit here, you can say that there is a shuttle talisman.
This is a test of trust!
After all, Su Yu and her are not familiar with each other, so let’s forget this kind of life that might be fatal. 南京419论坛
Outside the city, stop for a while, it doesn’t matter if you can’t stop, just run away.
The sun and the moon are heavy, and they are not so easy to die.
In the city, it is different. Once the city is blocked, it is likely to die.
Ye Hongyan also guessed something at this moment, and quickly transmitted the voice: “You want to kill them with the undead?”
She also knew that Su Yu had caused the unrest in the ancient city before. At this moment, this guy wants to repeat the same trick?
Soon, she said again: “Don’t be delusional, this time, it’s the sun and the moon alone, count me, now there are 7! So many, unless the sun and moon nine peaks of the dead, or dozens of days Moon dead spirits besieged otherwise”
Su Yu was secretly frightened.
so much?
These are all big shots!
Really willing to pay for it.
However, there are not 南京龙凤论坛 many families, just one or two.
Ye Hongyan hesitated for a moment, and still transmitted the voice: “In addition, it is better to give up, kill too much, nothing will end! You may have the means to escape, by the way, Zhu Tiandao sent me a