y were forced to bow their heads and put on a sad expression, trying to squeeze out a few tears.

“Cry? Funeral?” Since Chen Ge entered the living coffin village, he found that there were many things related to funerals in the village, including white lanterns, paper money and coffins hanging on the street.
“No matter in reality, or in the world behind the door, this village seems to be holding a funeral, a funeral that has continued to this day and cannot be ended.”
Chen Ge took out his black phone and took a look: “I have entered behind the door. In the world, the mobile phone did not prompt me that the mission failed. It seems that in the judgment of the black mobile phone, as long as you don’t leave the village, whether inside or 南京水磨会所 outside the door, it’s fine.”
He found the mission information. The three words of the living coffin village were from him. Seen on the black phone, he just thought the name was strange at first, and didn’t think much about it.
But now after combining all the things he encountered in the village, Chen Ge vaguely had some guesses: “Living coffin?”
Swiping the screen, turning to the task prompt, Chen Ge looked at the information on the phone.
“That day, they all came except me.”
The prompt message for this trial mission was very short. Chen Ge slowly narrowed his eyes. He has not understood the meaning of this sentence until now.
“Those people are here to attend the funeral of’I’. They come to send the funeral for’I’. That’s why they are all here except for me. This prompt message is to tell me that the key to breaking the game is 南京桑拿会所 related to the funeral. ”
Chen Ge looked at the entrance of the ancestral hall, when Jiang Ling had quietly ran to the side of the red coffin.
Chapter 338: Where Did The Cat Come From?
Ruddy and tender little hands pressed on the cold and worn coffin lid.
When Jiangling touched the red coffin, all the monsters kneeling on the ground in the center of the village stopped crying and slowly raised their deformed and terri