kill the demon.”

The paper crane gently fluttered its wings twice, and flew out of the living room straight 南京龙凤论坛 to the sky, before disappearing quickly.
The girls were very surprised, and Xin Shisiniang who was sitting next to Hu Xinyue whispered: “Sister, brother-in-law invites people from the Chenghuang Mansion to come, why don’t you even say the word please, don’t worry about the Chenghuang Mansion. ”
Hu 南京品茶网 Xinyue smiled softly, “Don’t worry, they won’t be annoyed, if they are too polite, they will be uneasy.”
“Is that so?”
Xin Shisiniang blinked her eyes unclearly, and then looked at Jiang Hao, too. I don’t know who this brother-in-law is.
Chapter 1588: Brother-in-law is amazing!
Knowing that there was a solution, the women were no longer worried, and the older ones immediately greeted and prepared a banquet to entertain Xinyue’s sister and brother-in-law who had come from afar. The banquet was on the table and suddenly became lively.
Halfway through the drink, the paper crane flew back again. The girls immediately turned to look at Jiang Hao. The paper crane sent a message to Jiang Hao. Jiang Hao nodded and said to Xinyue: “They are here, I’ll go out and meet you. They.” After speaking, he took a step and left.
As soon as Jiang Hao 南京炮网 left, the women immediately began to chatter.
“Sister Xinyue, what is the status of brother-in-law, the big demon?” asked Xin Shiba Niang, who was only fourteen or five years old and the youngest.
Xinyue smiled and shook her head, scraping Xiao Shiba’s nose, “Your brother-in-law is not a monster, he is a human.”
“That brother-in-law is a monk, or a sword fairy?” Xin Shiniang asked curiously.
“I think my brother-in-law is more like a scholar.” Another woman said.
“No, right? I think the brother-in-law has an official power, and the brother-in-law must be an official.” Someone said.
Everyone looked at Hu Xinyue and waited for her to answer. Hu Xinyue smiled, “What you said is not wrong. Your brother-in-law was indeed a scholar before, and he was in