ime quickly reached 23:00. Seeing that it was not early to say goodbye to them, Ren Xingmei went back to the dormitory-if Xiao Jiu was not there, she would definitely stay overnight.

Ren 南京炮网 Suo urged Xiao Jiu to take a bath, and after coaxing her to sleep, he took a bath slowly, then sat in front of the computer and turned on the small world game console. “Small world, so much fun.” Today’s

vie, Chuck had no knives at the beginning, all thanks to the pair of skates. These two skates are also very important to Jiang Hao. , Can be transformed into the most practical tool.

Such as a machete, such as an axe. Later, Jiang Hao took out a magic suit, which contained a book on teaching magic, and a set of magic props, including playing cards, coins, silk scarves, rubber bands, and so on. You can

now he also recalls that incident and said: “Elan Lake, Fragrant City, I almost Let you be killed there. As an apology, I promised to help you.”

“If you need anything, you are welcome, I can definitely help.” That was before the “Mage under the World Tree” feedback to reality. , He accompanied Gu Yueyan to awakening, and the boat capsized while rowing in Lake Ailan. The two of