expose my identity as a transcendent person. After a big deal, I would come with the big troops in the barrier. It would be safer,” Xu Xianchu replied.

Ren Xiaosu understood that Xu Xianchu really had the idea of ??giving up before. At this point, Xu Xianchu paused: “However, it is impossible for me to return 南京夜生活论坛 to the barrier now. You have seen the attitude of the barrier to

ng stronger than the 178 barrier, I am afraid that the Yang clan who is caught in the flames of war will not be able to stop it, and the northern Zong clan can’t beat the 178 barrier. Although the location is not too good, the timing is good!

Moreover, if the 178-barrier mineral deposits want to be sold inland, this valley area is their only way! Thinking of this, Jin Lan and the others feel that they understand that along the way, everyone will greet each other enthusiastically and call