en you die, this era will completely lose hope! This truth is alive. I know it for a long time, so when I entered the gate, the Lord of Chaos just said to kill you, to guard you, not to guard me! Because this belongs to your world, not mine. !”

“At the moment you died, Saint Wan Tian they chose to follow. I am still alive, I am by my side, and I am nearby. Why don’t they follow me?” He looked at Su Yu: “Even if Wan Tian Saints, they understand

er Zhuang, we contacted the International Criminal Police Headquarters and checked the police information of various countries. No news about the’dark web’ was found.”

Three days later. Zhuang Shikai received a call from the International Criminal Police Department. “But we have found that several international killers are on Hong Kong Island.” Yu Haonan added. 586 killer Oscar “from Russia, 南京龙凤论坛 Selena, 1.8 meters tall, 34C bust,